Avoid Costly Hassles Of A Resale Build A Custom Florida Home

At this time, the Florida housing market has definitely turned in favor of the buyer. A flood of listings on the market has created a buying climate that has led today's Florida home buyer to believe that they will be getting a great deal on an existing home by taking advantage of the current market conditions. But are these buyers reading the fine print? Are they aware of the additional expense they could be taking on by jumping on the existing home buying bandwagon? The ugly truth about remodeling and repairs If you purchase an existing home in Florida, there are several factors you need to seriously consider. How old is the home you are thinking about purchasing? Does it have outdated electrical wiring or plumbing? Was it built before the days of central air conditioning and heat? Do the appliances look like something out of a Brady Bunch episode? All of these repairs can be very costly, some running into the thousands of dollars. Are the rooms cramped and dark? Does the kitchen re-define the concept of compact cooking space? Are the bathrooms a tight squeeze or is there only one bathroom? These are the types of features that weigh in heavily with buyers, and can have a damaging effect on the re-sale value of your home. This means that the existing home that looks like such a great deal now may not yield the return on your investment that you are looking for.

Remodeling is an expensive and messy venture. Is the money you may save on an existing home really worth the hassle and expense that comes with major remodeling and/or repairs? Do you really want to live with the whine of buzz saws and aroma of construction dust? Do you want to worry about repairs that are not complete at move-in time? Existing homes may not be built to withstand a hurricane. How much is safety worth to you? Existing homes may have problems with insect infestation or water damage, which means hefty repair and/or fumigation costs for you.

A better way to buy If you want to avoid all of the potential hassles listed above, there is an easy solution. Buy a newly constructed or pre-construction home. You can still find great deals when purchasing a home from a builder if you do your research and buy at the right time. And the savings in time, hassle, and money pay for themselves. Here are just a few of the benefits of building a new home: Everything is brand-new when you move in. The colors, materials, and other style elements are of your choosing.

From the appliances to the fixtures, the countertops to the floors, there is no need to replace a thing or spend any additional money. Your custom home is clean and ready for occupancy on move-in day. There is no need to scrub years of accumulated grime from the floors or fixtures, or to haul away remodeling materials and clean up the dust and grime that often accompany major remodeling projects. The plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems are all up-to-date and will not need any repairs for years to come. Modern wiring for internet and cable and multiple power outlets are included in all high-quality custom homes.

This means you don't have to pay for these features to be added as you would with older existing homes. There is no mildew, water damage, or insect infestation. Floor plans are spacious and bright, closets are large and plentiful, bathroom and kitchen features are stylish and up-to-date; all of this adds to the re-sale value of your home. You can purchase a home built above Florida hurricane building code, and able to withstand at least a Category 4 hurricane. This protects you from re-building costs and loss of priceless mementos and personal effects in the event of a hurricane. Many insurance companies also offer discounts for homes with extra hurricane safety measures such as impact resistant glass windows and solid concrete construction.

Building a new home is the best way to buy in Florida The Florida climate provides the state's greatest attraction, but also provides extra challenges to the structure and longevity of any home. Building a new home is the best way to get the most from your home while you enjoy the Florida lifestyle.

Tom Beaty a Florida home builder and Florida real estate broker. Specialize in new homes in Palm Coast, Flagler and Volusia County. Visit me at: Florida real estate or Florida home builder

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