5 Great Tips For Going Global
Import, Export, Global Markets...the buzz words of International Trade are getting small business owners very excited

Beyond Borders
In today's global economy, the import/export business offers opportunities for young Canadian entrepreneurs to run their own international trading companies. Here's how to get started.

Drop-shipping secrets and source revealed
Unfortunately for those just breaking into the wholesaling business, drop-shipping source information is jealously guarded. With a firm understanding of the service they offer, it isn’t hard to see why.

Trade Shows Do's & Don'ts
Having just returned from the promotional items international trade show in Dallas, TX recently, I was made aware of several tips that others in trade shows should know.

A Dozen Tips For Starting An Import/Export Business
Many countries have set up offices (Consulates or Embassies) in foreign countries to promote the exporting of their goods.

A to Z Exhibiting Overseas
Exhibiting overseas is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to identify the best foreign markets for your products/services.

More Articles

Dropship Wholesale Beware of Search Engine Results
By Jennifer Parks
Because Dropship and wholesale directories have becume so popular on the internet many search results for related products can be scams. Do a search on for the search term "dropship wholesale" and you will get 962,000 results. The scary part is it's hard to know who you can trust online when you need a reliable directory of wholesale products. [more]

Chinas Export Market
China is one of Oregon's fastest growing markets in recent years and ranks as it's fifth export market. China's entry into the World Trade Organization has created tremendous opportunities for Oregon exporters.

China can't move further on the yuan
By Qu Hongbin International Herald Tribune
HONG KONG John Snow, the U.S. treasury secretary, visits Beijing this week to talk about what China can do to help cut a U.S. current-account deficit of more than 6 percent of gross domestic product - a record high, and one that is commonly agreed to be unsustainable. For months, the United States pressed China to revalue its currency, the yuan, and China finally responded on July 21 by moving to a managed float system with reference to a trade-weighted basket of currencies.

China Commercial Breif
The China Commercial Brief is a biweekly publication featuring summaries about developments in China's various commercial sectors, tips on doing business in China, and U.S. Embassy news. This publication is free of charge; please forward it to your colleagues and friends who are interested in China.

China Financial Newsletter April 14, 2005
The China Financial Services Newsletter focuses on upcoming events (trade missions, visitors, trade fairs, etc.), highlights some of the financial services opportunities in China, and features a specific topic of interest to US exporters.