Do You Network with the Affluent or the Effluent

It has often been stated that your yearly income is an average of the incomes of your five closest friends. Is that true in your case? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? How wealthy or poor are your friends? How wealthy or poor are you? Effluent is usually defined as an outflow from a sewer or sewage system, or a discharge of liquid waste, as from a factory or nuclear plant. It is also defined as water that flows away from a larger body of water. The poor often denigrated as the dregs of society, often have a problem with cash flow, with money flowing out of their lives.

In short they have a flow problem - a problem of effluence. To be affluent, on the other hand, describes one who is financially well off, prosperous and abundant. Picture society's rich and wealthy. Interestingly enough, the word affluent sometimes means a stream or river that flows into a larger one. Effluent, as previously stated, is water that flows away from a larger body of water. That difference in flow direction has a direct correlation with the difference often exhibited by those who are rich and those who are poor.

Those who are rich are often said to be in the flow. Money and abundance flow into the lives of the rich. They have a habit of being generous and giving back to society. In other words their flow is directed back into the big body of water known as society. They give freely and are not surprised to often find themselves in a vast ocean of abundance. The poor are often takers - not necessarily out of desire although that is sometimes the case, but primarily out of a perceived lack and need.

They take their limited amount of water from the main body and are surprised when it quickly dries up. They then return to the main body seeking again to take another meager quantity for themselves. Again, it doesn't last long. Not only the material possessions but the attitudes of those you surround yourself will have a direct effect on who you are and what your attitudes are. Do you surround yourself with positive people filled with rich thoughts and loving attitudes? Or, do you surround yourself with those only interested in knowing why life has dealt them such a bad deal? Or are your friends somewhere in between? If you want to access the ocean of abundance, network with the millionaires - not just the financial ones, but the millionaires of love, truth, and beauty.

They are out there you just have to look for them. Go where they hang out and do something for them. That's right - don't ask what they can do for you to help you - ask what you can do for them. This gets the flow started in your direction. If it is the financial kind of millionaire you seek to surround yourself with, help them in some way.

If you are a small business owner, do them a favor. Just want to learn from them - take them to lunch and ask them how they got wealthy and their advice for you. Many will be more than happy to give back - for many it is in their nature. Thomas Stanley, author of the Millionaire Next Door, has another great book called Networking with Millionaires. Here he discusses the advantages of networking with Millionaires and other high net worth individuals. Stanley notes that these individuals, if treated properly, can provide referrals that often brings big money fast into the life of the referrer.

This big money often comes in the form of increased business from friends of the millionaire - often other high net worth individuals. One group Stanley looked at were accountants who went after and took care of millionaires. He reports those who are experts at taking care of the Millionaire usually provided service that went well beyond the norm.

He found that the more value they provided the millionaire client the more they were apt to refer him to others. It was a profitable cycle for all concerned. So, why not make it a goal to cultivate one new friendship with a millionaire of finance, love, truth, or beauty today? Give them something of value. While you're at it be generous and giving to everyone in your life.

You'll find that they will start to do the same to you and others, promoting a circle of generosity. Weed out the negatives in your attitude and in your life and begin incorporating more of the positives - positive people, positive events, and positive thoughts. Soon you'll notice the flow of affluence coming your way and that you are surrounded by an ocean of abundance.

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