THE Number One Secret To MLM Success

When people get into multilevel marketing (MLM) they are thinking about one question: How do I make more money without having to work for it? Fortunately, MLM has the ability to do this, but only if you use it in the right way. Imagine this.You wake up in the morning and throw on your bathrobe. You walk down the tile hall of your enormous house but your feet are not cold because you had one of those expensive heated tile systems installed. You sit down at your computer with your favorite morning beverage and login to your MLM site. You discover that you made another $5,000.

00 yesterday without doing a bit of work. Five minutes later, you walk over to your ocean front deck, and decide what to do with the rest of your day, now that your work is done. That type of lifestyle can be yours IF you do MLM the right way.

If you have previously been given advice about how to be successful with MLM, you've probably heard tips about how to pick the right program, choosing a product to sell, etc. These things are all important, but there is one idea that is of primary importance and I will describe it below. Here is the NUMBER ONE secret to MLM success: Don't sell the PRODUCT or the PROGRAM, sell the DREAM. That's it. It is very simple. Look at the second paragraph of this article.

What I am doing is describing a dream lifestyle. THAT is what you are selling. Don't try to convince people that your program has all the right features or your product is a guaranteed winner. Nobody cares about that. People want to make money and improve their lives.

So tell them how they can do that by joining your program. Again, it is very simple, SELL THE DREAM. When you have a new prospect/lead or you are designing a website to attract new signups, describe the lifestyle that they can have if they succeed with your program.

It is instant motivation. All you have to do is describe the life that people want to live. Look at my second paragraph.

Basically, I'm talking about a guy who doesn't have to work to make tons of money and spends the rest of his time relaxing. In your description, use the words "you" and "your." This will make people internalize the description. You can start out your description with phrases like "imagine this" or "before we get started, I'd like you to picture this." Describe a life of luxury.

Usually this involves waking up whenever you want, doing whatever you want, buying the things you want, having tons of time, and not having to work. This is a powerful technique that copywriters have been using for years. Here is another lifestyle description.

I will describe the DREAM again. Notice how you feel when you read it. This is what you want your prospects to feel: "Before we get started, I'd like you to picture this: You just woke-up after a very restful sleep.

You decide to take a swim in your pool before going to work. You dive into the pool and are instantly refreshed. When you get out, you throw on your robe and walk 3 feet to your office. You sit down to your computer, send a few emails, and check your MLM account balance.

Yesterday, you made $7,000. Not bad for 5 minutes of work. You decide to get back into the pool and plan what to buy with your $7,000.

" See, it is exciting. So that's it, the number one MLM tip. Now go out, join an MLM program,.and start selling the DREAM!.

Scott Fromherz is a successful internet marketer who has a special interest in MLM. Check out his website at

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